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Certified Radon Professionals in Minneapolis-St. Paul Homes

Approximately 80% of Minnesota counties are located in high radon zones. That means your family is potentially at great risk for radon exposure. And, unfortunately, radon is a colorless, odorless gas—you will never know that it is in your home unless you test for it. Protect your family by requesting a radon test kit from S&D Garage Door and Remodeling.

Thorough Radon Testing for Your Older Home

The Minnesota Department of Health recommends that every Minnesota homeowner tests their home for radon. It also recommends that you then retest your home every two-to-five years, saving your results every time.

Our team at S&D can come to your home and set up a radon testing kit. This test will run for a set period of time, gathering continuous information about radon levels. We will then return to your home to gather up the kit and compile your results. We will then recommend any next steps, which may include retesting or pursuing radon mitigation services.

The Radon Mitigation Process

Radon comes from soil. It enters your home through cracks in the walls, the foundation of the home itself—basically, radon can get in anywhere that air can get in. While it is never possible to completely eliminate radon from your home, you can take steps to lower the levels and keep your family as safe as possible.

One step in the mitigation process is to seal any cracks that may be allowing radon to enter your home. Then it is important to create a pathway for the radon to avoid seeping into the breathable spaces in your home. This often involves installing a radon piping and ventilation system, also called a radon mitigation system.

We have installed countless radon mitigation systems in homes throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. We know how to do it right.

Protect Your Family From Radon. Call Our Certified Radon Professionals.

We have certified radon mitigators who are dedicated to keeping your family safe and healthy. To gain this certification, we have received in-depth training on radon mitigation. We also stay current with radon mitigation through ongoing continuing education courses. Put this in-depth knowledge and experience to work in your home today by calling us at 763-576-1183 or by sending us an email.